Our Workplace and Our Industry

PacifiCorp offers an energetic work environment and outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities. Consider the possibilities – depending on your skills and the company's needs, you may be able to work in different locations throughout our U.S service area. The invigorating challenge of working at PacifiCorp is backed by excellent benefits and a supportive atmosphere.  We equip employees with the resources and support necessary to be successful!


PacifiCorp fosters development, creativity and superior performance.                                                                                           We continually strive to maintain the key performance factors that we believe lead to our                                                             success:

  • Customer focus
  • Job knowledge
  • Planning and decision making
  • Productivity
  • Building relationships
  • Leadership



By these factors, we measure performance and results – and reward employees who demonstrate excellence in both. We are a diverse workforce and come from all walks of life. We draw on the differences among us – our individual and unique perspectives for creative ideas.

What is our industry like? It combines the best of all industries to deliver power to our 1.8 million customers in six states. While people are familiar with linemen, and see them out working every day, they are just one of many valuable roles within our organization that contribute to keeping the lights on. If you are an accountant, engineer, mechanic, IT guru, environmental analyst, equipment operator, administrative assistant, project manager, attorney, electrician, customer service analyst or any of the over 1,000 different positions we have at our company, PacifiCorp is the place for you.