What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships offer an industry-driven, high quality career pathway where employees can gain skills in a specific skilled trade while earning wages. Apprentices are required to participate in classroom training and assessments and apply training knowledge on the job. At PacifiCorp apprenticeships are structured educational programs that provide extensive on-the-job training. Tools and equipment needed for apprenticeships are normally supplied by the organization. PacifiCorp apprenticeship programs are offered in conjunction with our IBEW and UWUA union partners

Apprenticeship Qualifications

An apprenticeship requires a strong commitment by the employee and company and are offered in a variety of crafts including: lines, substation, estimating, metering and in our hydro and power supply divisions. Many of our programs require pre-qualification testing and assessment but also require candidates to:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of applying
  • Have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent combination of education
  • Have a current, valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Complete Pre-Qualification Testing: Exact requirements vary by trade, but candidates will be required to complete either the NJATC Electrical Aptitude Testing or ACT Work Keys Exams.

Please ensure you have met these requirements before applying.

Find out more about each craft apprenticeship below:

Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power are in the process of building new operations centers, dedicated to helping our craftworkers be successful in their roles. The training facilities will include multiple classrooms and workshops for hands-on training, and outdoor pole yards designed to simulate a realistic electrical power network, including substation, transmission, distribution, and metering with renewable energy feeds. The outdoor pole yards will have a variety of electrical apparatus and pole line construction standards suitable for training various classifications of electrical craftworkers.

Classifications that will attend the facility are:

  • Journeyman and apprentice linemen
  • Substation Wiremen and wireman trainees
  • Meter relay techs and trainees
  • Journeyman and apprentice metermen
  • Pre-qualified apprentice linemen
  • Utility workers
  • UAS (drone) pilot training
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PacifiCorp offers a variety of internship programs for students who are currently enrolled in a college program. An internship can provide a professional learning experience that offers you relevant, hands-on work related to your field of study. Interested students will take on an internship with the hopes of accomplishing something tangible to put on their resume. Managers will provide interns with on-the-job experience where they can apply the skills they are learning in college and put them to practical use at PacifiCorp. PacifiCorp will provide you with defined goals for the duration of your internship and be clear on expectations of your work. This temporary assignment is a great opportunity for both the intern and PacifiCorp to decide if this is the right place of employment after graduating. We offer internships in engineering, IT, and many more. All internship openings are posted on our careers page.

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As part of our employee commitment core principle, we strive to provide employees with the resources and support needed to be successful, which includes providing engaging and empowering learning opportunities for all employees at PacifiCorp. PacifiCorp offers computer-based and instructor-led training and courses. Computer-based training offers online training for employees to build essential skills and increase their effectiveness in their daily work. Instructor-led courses offer employees classroom training with an instructor who is properly trained in the courses they are teaching. This provides employees the opportunity for hands-on training, immediate feedback, and the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

We are committed to providing appropriate education and training for all of our employees. By implementing a more structured and formalized approach to job task analysis, such as through a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) program, any training gaps identified can be effectively closed thereby ensuring a better prepared workforce, leading to enhanced productivity and improved work quality.

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