Welcome, veterans!

PacifiCorp thanks you for your service to our county. We have dedicated this page as a resource to assist you in your civilian career. Whether you are on active duty, anticipating separation, recently discharged, returning from deployment, or long-time separated from your military career, we are interested in you.

As a U.S. military veteran, you have developed the skills and qualities we desire.

Candidates with military experience are recruited for a variety of positions throughout our organization.

Positions into which military experience has transferred include:

  • Control operators
  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Plant operators
  • Plant supervisors
  • Project managers
  • Safety administrators

At PacifiCorp, we encourage everyone to work together. We embrace diversity and value the distinct perspectives of all our employees. We strive to cultivate a workplace that connects each employee to the organization and enables all individuals to participate and contribute to their full potential.

For more information on how to translate your military skills into civilian life, go to the Military One Source website. Then click the View All Jobs button to see what jobs at PacifiCorp match your skills and knowledge.